Assessing Storm Damage

It’s been another crazy year of weather damaging houses throughout the country. Having just weathered Hurricane Matthew here on the First Coast, homeowners are encouraged to take a close look at their property for storm damage and make appropriate repairs. There are several key areas of concern:

The roof: After a powerful storm, check for damage. Ensure there are no missing shingles or cracks around skylights. Inspect the attic for discoloration of decking or plywood surfaces.

Flashing: Also look for light penetrating around plumbing vents or the chimney. Your roof’s flashing may need repair.

Rain gutters: Inspect for damage and clear leaves and debris. Holes, cracks or sags are easily fixed. For holes, clean the area and cut a piece of gutter material slightly larger than the hole. Use gutter-repair compound to affix the patch. Covering the patch with another layer of compound will ensure a good seal. For minor sags, add a new bracket to the sagging area.

Trees and shrubs: Limbs can wreak havoc with your roof, siding and stucco during heavy winds. They can also come crashing down during the heavy winds and rain. Pruning can ensure their health and safeguard your home.

Windows: Inspect windows, fencing and decking. They all can take a beating in storms. Seal and repair any damage. Sometimes storm damage is unavoidable. But making quick repairs can help ensure your home is safe and sound.

My thoughts go out to those who were severely impacted by Hurricane Matthew and the damage endured is not so minimal.  The great news is there are resources out there in our community to assist with disaster relief.  The Northeast Florida American Red Cross has created the First Coast Florida Relief Fund to assist residents affected by Hurricane Matthew.

Jacksonville Office:
751 Riverside Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32204


Also, all 7 of our Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Network Realty branch offices are accepting donations to help those affected by Hurricane Matthew. Please click the flyer link below for more information on how together we can overcome the challenges that lie before us.



We are Northeast Florida Strong!